Purina is a market leader in cat food, but cat ownership is in decline. To reverse this trend, we decided to convince more men to consider getting a cat. Because cats are wild animals; they deserve respect.


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Roux Dionissieva (me)/Conceptual

Creative, UX

Chase Kimball/Copywriting

Toliver Roebuck/Art Direction

Jay Yalung/Art Direction

Jessica Longo/Brand Management

Marie Matuschewski/Strategy


A new breed of cat videos (pun intended)

will own the internet. No more silliness.

Not all cats are the same. The Purina Wild WEBSITE displays different cat breeds and their stats, stories and videos.

HUNTING PRACTICE: We'll also let people take control over a laser pointer at their local SPCA and play with cats by moving the mouse on their screens.

PRODUCT EXTENSION: Wild animals shouldn't eat cute food.

DIGITAL BILLBOARD: the (digital) cat hunter instinct kicks in when (real) birds are in sight.

The guide you need when you're about to bring a wild animal into your home. You've been warned.       I facebook, instagram tweet and linkedin. In that order.

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