Instead of convincing "Urban Dwellers", "Digital Natives", "The Always-on Generation" (or whatever you might call people in their twenties), to grow tomatoes, we decided to point out an important benefit of plants: they keep us alive. We looked at stats about how much time we spend inside and how polluted indoor air can be. After visiting the plant nursery, this is what we made.



Roux Dionissieva (me)/Conceptual

Creative, UX

Garrick Sheldon/Copywriting

Lauren Albee/Art Direction

Sam Hensley/Brand Management

Liam Schaefer/Strategy


Here is a MANIFESTO that will inspire you to also go to the plant nursery.

PARTNERSHIP: The Netatmo indoor weather stations is an existing products. It allows you to monitor your indoor air through your phone but it doesn't tell you how to fix it. This is where MiracleGro's expertise can help: by suggesting plants that purify the air and giving tips on how to care for them.

INDOOR digital billboards: using the Netatmo weather stations we can now evaluate the weather quality in indoor places like malls, train station and raise awareness for indoor air pollution. Something most people don't think about.

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