In this interactive campaign, we showcase the capabilities of the Canon 6D: the first DSLR with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS. For the launch of the 6D we created a journey that calls the real adventurers at heart.



Roux Dionissieva (me)/Conceptual

Creative, UX,

Matt Reamer/Creative Technologist

Elyse Jalbert/Creative technologist

Ollie Cortum/Art Director


Undeveloped Film: Spreading the word, one influencer at a time.

WEBSITE allows people to apply for the campaign and follow up as the story unfolds. It also features a digital replica of the 6D that lets people look through the lens of the adventurers, take photos and edit them.

OUTDOOR installations in unusual places let people watch live footage through the adventurers' lenses.       I facebook, instagram tweet and linkedin. In that order.

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