How do we make A&F cool again? The way it was when it was aspirational and dangerous?


We decided to update the A&F brand without losing the feeling of danger and the unapologetic attitude they are famous for. It 's not about nudity anymore.


As a typical European, I often overdress. I have seen what an outfit can achieve and have used this in my best interest. It's not manipulation, but it's pretty close. The better you look, the worse you can behave.


Content video (starring me!) we shot for this project can be found here.



Roux Dionissieva (me)/Conceptual

Creative, UX

Chase Kimball/Copywriting

Hunter Pinnell/Copywriting

Claire Gibson/Art Direction

Rich Plautz/Art Direction

Rod Kashani/Strategy


A&F Quarterly re-designed as a school brochure and re-launched as the main voice of the brand.

The A&F App scans the catalog and uncovers hidden content.

A story unfolds through videos, articles and photos.

The App also allows you to shop the look by character.       I facebook, instagram tweet and linkedin. In that order.

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